Aktuelle Arbeiten - Manish Nai

23.04.2009 bis 06.06.2009 / Galerie Karsten Greve / Wallrafplatz 3 • Köln
Vernissage 22.10.2009, 18-22 Uhr

Within the scope of the gallery openings for Art Cologne, the Karsten Greve Gallery Cologne is, for the first time in Europe, dedicating a single exhibition to the young Indian artist Manish Nai.
Manish Nai, born in 1980 in Gujarat and living in Mumbai, is one of the few of his generation on the subcontinent to have consistently dedicated himself to abstraction. Instead of explaining concrete stories in his images, the artist is interested by the spiritual dimension of art, the meditative quality of a work.
In burlap on transparency paper on burlap, works that suggest three-dimensionality are developed according to computer designs.

The exhibition is curated by Julia Ritterskamp.