Beyond Borders - Bilder die unter die Haut gehen
08.12.2011, 19:30-21 Uhr
Tätowierhandwerk Kirschner, Prinz-Georg-Straße 124 • Düsseldorf

With friendly support from the Office for Culture, Düsseldorf / Tätowierhandwerk Kirschner / Querformat / Katja Stuke

The lecture and discussion series “Beyond Borders: The Frontiers of Fine Arts”, initiated by Nadia Ismail and Julia Ritterskamp, broadens the framework in which the conversation about art normally takes place. Modules about selected topics, controversial themes and trends in contemporary arts are held four times per year in unusual (though always topically pertinent) locations. Thinkers and decision-makers from arts and culture are regularly invited to shed light on relevant and unknown aspects of a theme and to stimulate critical thoughts about the reception of today’s art. Artists also help shape the evening in discussion or through a performative act.