Empfehlungsschau bei Anna Klinkhammer Galerie

13.12.2011 bis 24.12.2011 / Anna Klinkhammer Galerie / Herderstraße 20 • Düsseldorf
Vernissage 10.12.2011, 12-12 Uhr

The concept: the exhibition is called Show of Recommendations (Empfehlungsschau)
Art professionals such as museum folks, curators and writers, but also collectors, recommend one or multiple artists as well as particular works of these artists and compose a small, freely written letter of recommendation that contains the work’s title, format and its technique alongside a recommendation and the referee’s signature. Finally, the recommendation is attached as an autograph to the saleable work. Topically, the idea of the event revolves around unusual connections and networks.

Veruschka Baksa Soós > Lilla von Puttkamer
Claudia Cosmo > Bernd Hoffmann
Ignatius Gellissen > Bernd Kastner, Klemens Golf
Nadia Ismail > Frank Leuwer
Ralph Kleinsimlinghaus > Martin Streit
Magdalena Kröner > Rolf A. Kluenter, Fabian Weinecke
Catrin Lorch > Stefan Hoderlein
Ute Parduhn > Stefan Höller
Burkhard Richter > Lydia Richter
Julia Ritterskamp > Heike Kabisch, Susanne Giring, Michael Koch, Bettina Marx
Carl Friedrich Schroer > Norika Nienstedt, Nicola Costantino
Peter Weibel > Michael Bielicky
Julia Wirxel > Christian Hellmich