Katharina Kiebacher - Smiling Objects, Friends of Time 30.01.2015 bis 14.02.2015 / CONZEN am Carlsplatz / Benrather Straße 8 • Düsseldorf Vernissage 30.01.2015, 18-21 Uhr Finissage 01.02.2015, 15-18 Uhr Katharina Kiebacher's (* 1974) art practice is similar to the one of a researcher: her focus is directed towards similarities of appearance. Regardless of the origin of her motifs her images appear as abstract works of art. Flaked-off plaster, tiles or safety glass: familiar objects are transformed into sublime images without a recognizable context. In her most recent work Kiebacher takes the two-dimensional image off the wall and turns it into a three-dimensional sculpture. Mounted onto glazed ceramic stands her abstract photographs simultaneously cooperate with and compete against the organic form. Kiebacher’s work exceeds the usual limits of the medium of photography – an interesting approach on the occasion of an exhibition at Conzen, the traditional manufacturer for frame and glass.