Publication /// PASSAGES – Indian Art Today /// issued DAAB MEDIA GMBH 2014 /// Ed. Julia Ritterskamp und Gérard A. Goodrow

India is the epitome of extremes. From Buddhist monks to Bollywood, from the Taj Mahal to the holy cow, from luscious colours and intense odours to the harsh juxtaposition of wealth and poverty. Opinions regarding India differ sharply, but regardless of which side you take: India fascinates and leaves hardly anyone cold. The contemporary art scene in India is still quite young and is developing as fast
as the subcontinent is booming. The scene is less established than in other Asian countries such as China, Japan or Korea – but it is without partiality and less defined by the constant retrospective view onto traditional art historical structures. On the contrary, the artists make direct and personal references to what they experience and what moves them within their own surroundings.
Equally direct and personal is the authors’ perspective as they invite the reader on a journey through this fascinating and fast moving art scene. Both Gérard Goodrow und Julia Ritterskamp have longstanding connections within the contemporary art world in Western Europe, but have also sought and established contact with Indian artists and other protagonists of the Indian art scene long before the boom of the
so-called “emerging markets”. The book presents both established and emerging artists from India, as well as those with Indian heritage abroad. The topics range from politics to gender, from the art market to photojournalism, from abstraction to the conscious drawing on traditional techniques. The publication is enhanced by contributions from well-known experts on the Indian art scene, including Peter Nagy, Ranjana Steinrücke and Desmond Lazaro.

Edited by Julia Ritterskamp & Gérard A. Goodrow
Guest authors: Desmond Lazaro, Peter Nagy, Ranjana Steinrücke
Design by Meiré und Meiré
Text in German / English
20 x 26.5 cm, 274 pages
€ 59,95 | $ 79,95 | £ 49,95
ISBN 978 - 3 - 942597 - 70 - 8