Sabrina Fritsch - Das Haus ist eine Tribühne

02.11.2011 bis 13.11.2011 / Parkhaus im Malkastenpark / Jacobistraße 6a • Düsseldorf
Vernissage 02.11.2011, 12-12 Uhr

With friendly support of the Künstlerverein Malkasten and the Kulturamt Düsseldorf

Analogous to the name of the exhibition, over which one could ponder forwards and backwards but which at the same time is so complete, one could approach the latest works of Sabrina Fritsch. The perspective slides along the boundary between abstraction and figuration. Like scenes out of a dream shortly before awaking, one’s glance sticks here and there to frugally applied figural elements before leaving them quickly in favour of something bigger.
The artist’s work is concerned with possibility, materialism, (colour)tones and mood.
And, in a strange sense, with space: any achievements of the central perspective that might lend the paintings a third dimension, even spatial-illusory games, are of no interest here. Instead, the works profile a certain hovering, an unresolved question of foreground and depth. And of staying within the framework or of falling out of line: is the subject a landscape view with a frame or just the close-up of an indefinable structure contained within the painted border? Where is the front, where is the back, what is the frame, what is the motif? Is it a burlap towel painted on burlap, upon which gestic painting can be in turn seen – or is this merely the attempt of the observer to bring the paintings of Sabrina Fritsch, which are free of such criteria, into categories that would communicate an apparent security to him or her? Insecurities and uncertainties have always been the declared enemy of homo sapiens. But are they not at the same time his best friend and his greatest chance for development?