Viktoria Strecker - anamnesis 20.05.2016 bis 09.07.2016 / Galerie Judith Andreae / Bachhöfe / Paul-Kemp-Str. 7 • Bonn Vernissage 20.05.2016, 19-21 Uhr In the context of the solo exhibition ANAMNESIS (curated by Julia Ritterskamp), Galerie Judith Andreae presents works of Viktoria Strecker (born 1987 in Hannover) for the first time. The student of Marcel Odenbach at Kunstakademie Düsseldorf deals with expressions of elementary perception. In delicate working processes of almost manic repetition, Strecker explores the possebilities of a timeless and generally valid ancestral structure. In her drawings - as well as their translation into objects and installations - she surpasses self-enquiries in a mediative process and seeks for a connection to something universal. Her works evoke biological systematologies, which are build up through repetition and are readable macroscopically as well as microscopically. With works such as MOLD, ICON and GRATE she translates her original drawings into extensive installations, oil painting and wooden reliefs. ANAMNESIS is a term taken from Plato’s epistemology. Any insight into the immortal soul is therefore prenatal existing, however gets lost with the physical birth. Moments of recognition aren’t based on newly acquired knowledge, but founded on memories of something long forgotten. Normally the human being doesn’t have access to this potential knowledge, however under certain circumstances an access can be created through external impulses. Strecker poses the question, whether the continuous attention handling of an artistic process gives rise to this state of remembering-again. Viktoria Strecker is award winner of Junge Positionen NRW 2016 of the Künstlerzeche „Unser Fritz“ at Herne.